Give for Good


Domino's Pizza Enterprise



Scope of work

UI/UX Design


Domino's charity, Give for Good, a lifeline for many Australian charities, was facing a crisis. Donations through their new online system were plummeting by 40% weekly since transitioning to their new app and online ordering system.

The challenge was clear: stop the decline, revive donations, and ensure the charity's commitments. But with limited time, a quick solution was needed.

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Taking a human-centred approach, I focused on reminding customers of the impact their donations make. Phase 1 saw simple changes like reintroducing partner logos and highlighting the donation section. The results were dramatic - donations started climbing again!

But I knew there was more to be done. Phase 2 explored deeper connections. We tested visual banners, engaging modals, and even an in-line donation option. Each iteration brought us closer, with donation amounts and overall income rising steadily.


The results were undeniable: a 10c increase in average donation, a 0.4% boost in online donations, and weekly income back to pre-crisis levels. Give for Good could now confidently support their charity partners.

  • 10c increase in average donation per order.
  • 0.4% increase in online credit card donations.
  • Weekly income recovered to pre-change levels.

But the story doesn't end there. We also observed how external factors like inflation impacted donations. This insight became crucial for long-term planning. My 3-phased approach provided a foundation, but the journey continues. By understanding user needs, testing different approaches, and adapting to change, we can ensure Give for Good's impact continues to grow.

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