Murphy's Gin


Personal Project



Scope of work

UI/UX Design


Murphy's Gin wasn't born in a boardroom, but in the hearts of passionate individuals seeking to create something unique. This boutique brand started as a blank canvas, and I was tasked with painting the entire picture - brand identity, product strategy, and a captivating digital presence.

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Drawing inspiration from the sleek lines and bold colours of Art Deco, I crafted a visual language that spoke of timeless elegance. But Murphy's wasn't just about aesthetics; it was about accessibility. We envisioned a gin that celebrated Australian native ingredients while remaining refreshingly affordable, a delightful escape for the everyday person seeking something beyond the ordinary.

The user experience (UX) became our digital canvas. With laser focus, we streamlined the journey to two key actions: browsing the product menu and securing their chosen bottle of gin. Customers navigate an intuitive interface, guided by custom-animated icons that danced with personality. The checkout flow was designed with simplicity in mind, ensuring a smooth transition from product discovery to satisfied sipping.

But the story didn't end there. Understanding the power of connection, the website also offered an opportunity to join the Murphy's Gin community. A post-checkout newsletter signup whispered of exclusive offers, new recipes and insider secrets, forging a bond between the brand and their customers.


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