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Scope of work

UI/UX Design


Imagine a Domino's app where logging in or signing up felt like a frustrating loop of back and forth- possible, but arduous. That was the reality before the Quick Universal Account component was developed and implemented. There were only two entry points where users could create accounts, leaving numerous missed touchpoints throughout the customers journey.

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The original project tasked me with building an account creation component solely for the Pizza Tracker. But I saw an opportunity for a large scale solution that would future proof across multiple regions and scenarios. I pitched the concept of a universal component that could seamlessly integrate account creation and login across the entire ordering experience, from the very first "Welcome" screen, across all devices.

The product team, hungry for efficiency and user satisfaction, rallied behind the vision. Together, we embarked on a collaborative journey, navigating technical hurdles and design challenges. We meticulously crafted a user-friendly interface that felt intuitive and inviting, no matter where users encountered it.


Over the next two months, account creation skyrocketed, exceeding every expectation. A staggering 70% of app users were now wielding the power of an account, blowing past the initial goal of 20% monthly growth.

This case wasn't just about numbers; it was about transforming the Domino's experience. Users can now track their orders, see their local store offers and update their details iniside their account, creating a frictionless journey for all users. The Quick Universal Account became a cornerstone of convenience, and its success stands as a testament to the power of user-centric design and bold vision.

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